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Hey I need some help. 
01:45pm 03/03/2007

My name is Leonard O, and I’m in need of some help. I’m currently a Religious Studies and Political Science Major at FIU (Florida International University).

Anyways, I’m taking a course in Religion and Film, and my project and grade for the entire semester rests on a Blog and Community about Film in Religion. In no ways do I mean this to be spamming a community and my blog, but rather the polite invitation and plea for some help.

Since my grade rests on this project, I need the output and opinions of fellow religion and film students. My first idea was to appeal to the religious and film communities and that’s where I come to you. I ask for you help in dropping by the blog, offering input, and posting your own idea’s in the community:


My grade is also based on members and community activity, so I ask humbly for you help. You can discuss anything with religion and film in the community, and I was going to first start with the messianic role of characters in film.

Once again thanks, and God Bless

PS: I contacted Moderators on their blogs.
11:12am 21/01/2007
  out of curiosity, has anyone here used Cafe DVD for online movie rentals? i was looking it over today and it seemed like they were pretty affordable and had a good selection of some harder to find films. i currently have Netflix and am on the 4-at-a-time plan. being the movie freak that i am, i watch them soo fast and feel like i never get new ones fast enough to satisfy my movie addiction. i want to find another online movie rental site to fill in the gaps between Netflix arrivals.

is that completely ridiculous, or has anyone else done that before?
9 - 90 second film... 
03:03am 06/01/2007
  Hey all...
I'm making a film called 9-90. It's film made completely of films between 9 and 90 seconds. Join the myspace or the facebook (or both) for more information. Looking for YOUR 9 to 90 seconds.


uglybearproductions at gmail.com
10:27am 16/02/2006
mood: good
Hey everyone, SUPER quick update on the CONJURE Pre-order...
The first 10 people to pre-order CONJURE get signed posters! Everyone who pre-orders will be entered to win 1 of 8 original paintings or drawings from STAR WARS illustrator, Matt Busch! Even better than the original deal:)

Follow the links and pre-order yours today!

Thank you:)
03:00pm 15/02/2006
mood: My back hurts!
From the mind of famed STAR WARS illustrator, Matt Busch, comes a supernatural thriller unlike anything you've ever seen.

CONJURE is set to impact retail and rental chains across the U.S. on March 28th, but here is a chance to pre-order at a super low price! $9.77 is the "sneak peak" introductory price. Plus if you pre-order now, the first 10 people will receive free original artwork from the creator and famed STAR WARS artist, Matt Busch!

Click on www.HorrorMovies.com to view forums talking about this hot new movie, then follow the links to pre-order yours today!

title or description

The official movie site: www.ConjureTheMovie.com
title or description

Thank you!
07:12pm 26/11/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Some Halloween Films 
01:28pm 26/10/2005

Hey there I just saw a great bunch of scary short films for Halloween. Thought I would share. They're free to watch (but I couldn't uncode the 15 second ad that runs first) Enjoy and pass em around!

 Home Video

 The Cycle (super creepy)

 The Virus

 Blood Syrup

 Oh My God



 The Thing in the Roof

 The Butcher

 Double Jeu

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$$$ for filmmakers - pass it on 
11:18am 27/09/2005
  NEW SHORTS CONTEST: November 21st Deadline

AtomFilms® and Intel Corporation today launched the Intel Indies Film Contest with a call for short film entries available at http://intel.atomfilms.com.

Filmmakers who enter before the November 21, 2005 deadline will compete for a grand prize that includes worldwide distribution from AtomFilms, $25,000 in cash and $20,000 in digital home equipment from Intel. Winners will be announced at a major film festival in January 2006.

10:03am 06/09/2005

A new film to watch!

Sexy sexy sexy goodness, for our lawsuit happy time of course. The new film Consent cracked me up. As with most of my finds, I got it over at atomfilms.com which means, it's free to view but you hafta watch an ad. Sorry about that.

From what I heard though, this director, Jason Reitman, had a few shorts on Atomfilms and now has a deal for a feature. Good to know if you make short films...

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10:21am 01/09/2005
  ok, this was a good way to start a thursday. two minutes of fun, with a good payoff in the end. enjoy.


xposted to my favorite places
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04:38pm 16/08/2005

Hey I am new here, but just saw a pretty sharp piece of animation wanted to share:


Juliette Binoche! 
08:06am 05/06/2005
  A brand new (and the first) livejournal community for Juliette Binoche!

Come join us!
10:21pm 30/05/2005
  For film people:

If you are studying to be a director, actor/actress, director of photography, film editor, screenplay writer, etc.

I'm setting up a website in a week or so.

Ideally, it will be a community for students/hobbyists nation-wide. Aspiring directors, DP's, set designers, screenwriters, and actors will be able to collaborate with each other to create films that suit their own artistic vision and cinematic goals. This will be a non-profit site to encourage collaboration and the production of films. There are too many students who are wasting their time when they could be off shooting or acting in movie.

I'll have forums and ads where you can post your role (actor, director, DP, songwriter). You can exchange phone numbers with other students in the same area. In my opinion, this is the best way to assemble a closely knit, efficient, and serious movie crew. If you are serious about working in the film, please email me at dcho787@fastmail.fm. I will reply shortly with a link to the site.

If you are interested, please visit my journal for more information.

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06:16pm 22/04/2005
  I was wondering if anyone knew what this movie is called?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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no man's land 
07:19pm 25/03/2005
i want to find some films which include no man's scenes
like an empty hotel or an empty street, an empty factory....

can anyone help me:))))))))
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One of the most interesting things I have ever seen on Sept. 11th 
09:07pm 05/10/2004


02:11am 24/05/2004

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

provides streaming independent films of many genres from music videos to
3D animation. We just went up on May15th, and I am putting this here because this community has art and film as its interests. We are looking for submissions, comments, reviews, and help to create more avenues for all artists. Here are examples of what is available on the web site.
Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!
Lowell Northrop
2001- Hollywood, CA
In the year 2001, there were 236 confirmed Bigfoot sightings in the United States.Yet in the same year, there were only 12 confirmed Axl Rose sightings. For the past ten years, one of rock¹s most recognizable figures has been in hiding, and only a handful of people have ever seen him in public.
What does Axl Rose look like now?
How does he dress?
Where does he eat?
Is he more afraid of us than we are of him?

This short film is a collection of actual eyewitness accounts from people who have spotted this reclusive rockstar in recent years.
Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!
Spike Jonze

Chainsaw Kittens Video

1993 - Norman, Oklahoma

Spike Jonze is most widely known as the
director of Being John Malkovich (which garnered three Academy Award
nominations) and Adaptation. One year before making the"Sabotage" Video for the Beastie Boys giving him an international presence, he made this video for the alt-pop act The Chainsaw Kittens.

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

Watch for fee at BoffoFilm.com!

2003 - rural SW

Quese iMC

Quese iMC is one of the top native american emcees.He has been working for several years to help create a native american hip-hop movement at a grass roots level. He has been invited to many emcee battles including MTV's NYC battle.

, a Seminole filmmaker from rural Oklahoma was flown to NYC May 20th for promotion for the Sundance Film Festival. Sterlin is one of eight filmmakers to be chosen for this years' Sundance Director's Lab.

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01:02pm 19/05/2004
mood: creative
Hey guys,
I'm looking for any one from florida or anywhere else who wants to collaborate in making a short film and has any skills such as VFX, animation, special effects, writing capabilities, etc. I'm located in South Florida now but will be relocating to Orlando in a couple of months. I feel some new viewpoints and opinions will create innovative projects. If interested leave a comment or reach me on AIM at neonoj.
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10:52pm 18/05/2004
  Hey...i'm new to this community. I really like what you guys get to talk about. I'm in love w/ movies. I would like to some day become a writer or director, my long term goal! Anyway, i hope i get to know you awsm people! I'm Eddy, good to meet you!  
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Another Night.... 
05:35am 18/02/2004
  Another night and I can't sleep. Extra tranquilizers don't help either. God, I hate having my mouth wired shut. But as Jos says, I wanted the surgery.

Looks like Kerry is gonna make a sweep, despite the recent stories of infidelity and what not. Still, I believe he stands no chance against President Bush come voting time. Thank goodness.

Should the mayor of San Francisco be punished for allowing illegal gay marriage? I don't think so. Jail time is WAY too punitive. I'm sure his intentions were good anyhow, all ideology aside; Arnold has more important things to worry about than this issue.

The Oscars are gonna be a farce this year. "Lord of the Rings?" OH, C'MON!!! Don't make me throw up. "Cold Mountain?" Do we really need another sappy Civil War story on celluloid (especially a British-made one)? "Master and Commander?" All I have to say is: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I'm up to a pack a day or more of Neport Box. Maybe I'm subconciously wishing for a quick death. Oh, the misery!

Well, that's it from yours truly for now. I cannot write anymore, let alone do anything else. Not coherently, at least. 1.