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Religion and Film

Hey I need some help.


My name is Leonard O, and I’m in need of some help. I’m currently a Religious Studies and Political Science Major at FIU (Florida International University).

Anyways, I’m taking a course in Religion and Film, and my project and grade for the entire semester rests on a Blog and Community about Film in Religion. In no ways do I mean this to be spamming a community and my blog, but rather the polite invitation and plea for some help.

Since my grade rests on this project, I need the output and opinions of fellow religion and film students. My first idea was to appeal to the religious and film communities and that’s where I come to you. I ask for you help in dropping by the blog, offering input, and posting your own idea’s in the community:

My grade is also based on members and community activity, so I ask humbly for you help. You can discuss anything with religion and film in the community, and I was going to first start with the messianic role of characters in film.

Once again thanks, and God Bless

PS: I contacted Moderators on their blogs.
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